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Aircraft Tracking without the capital outlay.

ATaaS is aircraft tracking without the capital outlay. Starting at $1.65 per flight hour, ATaaS is an on-demand package where you pay for the service, not the hardware.

Aircraft Tracking as a Service | Spidertracks. Real-time aircraft tracking. made easy.


There are two ATaaS payment options; fixed monthly and tracking by the hour.


Fixed Monthly

With this package, your billing is constant across the year. There is a complimentary variance buffer of 10%. Though to make it easy, any overage will be billed at the corresponding hourly rate.

ATaaS Graph Fixed

Tracking by the Hour

With this package, you commit to utilising 90% of the hours defined by the plan for the year, but only pay for the hours used each month. This is designed for operators that can have large seasonal spikes.

ATaaS Graph Hourly

What’s included?


Green $

Unlimited access to real-time and historic data at two minute intervals for each subscribed aircraft.

Green lineup

Pooled allowances mean you can share your ATaaS hours across all subscribed aircraft.

Green Clock

Unlimited access to the Spidertracks emergency management framework.



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