Spidertracks Features

At Spidertracks, we’re always working on new features so we can deliver continued value for our customers and consistently elevate their experiences.

Spidertracks Core Features

Real-Time Aircraft Tracking

Dedicated global coverage via the
Iridium satellite network improves
operational efficiency and oversight,
and ensures constant connectivity to
your aircraft.

Unlimited Platform Access

Our platform allows you unlimited viewing of past tracks and the ability to view tracks from all your aircraft on one screen.

Flight Distress Detection

If an incident occurs and the Spider loses power, Automated Watch will send an SOS message after 15 minutes of no communication

Manual SOS Reporting

The SOS button on the keypad can be used to send instant alert messages to your preset emergency contacts.

Spidertracks’ Emergency Management Framework (EMF)

Our EMF can automatically detect an SOS state and alert your support team without the involvement of your pilots or dispatchers.

Spidertracks AFF/API

Spidertracks is AFF-compliant — allowing you to send tracking data to third parties in real-time.

One-Way Preset Messages

Use the Mark button to manually send preset emails or SMS messages from the cockpit.

VFR/IFR Sectional Overlays

Boost your operational situational awareness with our free VFR/IFR sectional overlays for the flying page on the desktop platform.

Speed up/Slow Down notification

Know more about what’s going on with your aircraft. Set custom alerts and notifications when each event is triggered.

External Antenna Input

Have an aircraft with a heated windshield? The Spider 8 allows you to plug into an external GPS/Iridium antenna.

External Keypad

With our new external keypad, you can mount the Spider 8 so it’s out of the way while still having access to its main buttons.

Altitude Event Alerts

Know when something isn’t right. Your Spider automatically monitors rate of climb and descent and can immediately alert you if your limits are exceeded.

Spider Certifications

We may offer a small portable tracking device that doesn’t require an STC in most cases, but that does not mean we haven’t put our Spiders through rigorous testing environments to make sure they can and will perform as expected.

DO-160G Section 17
Voltage Spike
DO-160F Sections 15 and 21
Magnetic Effect Emission of Radio Frequency Energy
DO-160F Section 7 (Crash shock)
Category D Category E
DO-160G Section 26
DO-160F Section 8 (Vibration)

Spider Integrations

Australia: EMS
Australia: NAFC
Canada: Alberta Forest Service
Canada: British Columbia Forest Service
Germany: Convexis Rescue Track
Germany: DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
International: FlightAware
International: Guardian Mobility
International: IndigoSat MiTrac
International: IndigoTrack

International: Takeflite – Software Solutions
International: myFLIGHTDATA
New Zealand: Aeronet
United States: Conus Flight Services
United States: Flight Vector
United States: Outerlink
United States: Satcom Direct
United States: State of Alaska DNR
United States: US Forest Service