Spider X

Next generation hardware from Spidertracks - unlocking a new horizon of aircraft data insights, connectivity, safety, and efficiency.
Spider X

Revolutionising Flight Data Monitoring.

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Building on the advanced functionality and seamless design of its predecessors, Spider X has been thoughtfully crafted by Spidertracks - specifically for aviators - to be the industry gold-standard solution for aircraft monitoring, communications, and data insights.

Capable of providing more aircraft insights than ever to enhance your safety and efficiency, Spider X revolutionises flight data monitoring (FDM) - making it readily available to all operators with a simple to install, cost effective, light-weight solution.

Virtual FDR™ evolves: Digitising the analogue

Spider X lifts Virtual FDR™ and your FOQA capabilities to new heights. In addition to the enhanced tracking resolution introduced in the initial release of Virtual FDR, Spider X  now provides AHRS data - enabling the clearest picture yet of your aircraft’s flight path and movements.

Mission-critical data (such as location, speed, altitude, direction) are transmitted via GPS every minute, with the additional AHRS data transferred to the Spidertracks platform over the air. No need to mess around with SD cards, cables, or software to get information off your aircraft - it all happens automatically.

Virtual FDR from Spidertracks
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We’re just getting started.

Spider X is packed with forward-thinking tech such as WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, USB-C, and serial port interface capability, to provide the ideal development and integration platform as we continue to push the status quo and innovate for the industry. Plus, the firmware updates wirelessly - so no need to connect to a computer to enjoy the latest features.

Beautifully designed for aviation.

Built in-house by Spidertracks, specifically for aviation, Spider X is a small, lightweight device with sleek curves and a black finish. The device seamlessly integrates with your aircraft using straightforward ‘plug-and-play’ technology.

A large SOS button is prominent and easy to press if required - alerting your specified contacts. Intelligently designed lighting allows for a distraction and glare free experience, while still conveying key status notifications

Easily mount Spider X on the cockpit glare shield, or out of sight with an external antenna and keypad.

Iridium® first, for global connectivity.

We partner with Iridium, and trust their industry leading global satellite network to deliver mission critical data at one-minute intervals to the Spidertracks platform, on-time, every time, without exception. You can be assured that your aircraft will stay connected anywhere on the planet - regardless of local cellular reception and infrastructure.

Spidertracks Iridium
Spidertracks Backup Power

Power-down innovation

Equipped with aviation-safe backup power, in the form of a smartly implemented supercapacitor, mitigating the overwhelming risks associated with Lithium-ion batteries on aircraft. This backup power source holds up to 2-minutes of power upon engine-off - allowing for accurate last-known position data to be transmitted, and avoiding unnecessary risk.

Replay your flights in powerful 3D

Experience your post-flight review in stunning detail with Spidertracks’ new 3D Flight Replay feature. Utilising the data captured from Spider X, you can see your aircraft’s journey with powerful accuracy.

Peace of mind for your crew

Keeping your assets and team safe is our core mission. Spider X allows you to track your fleet anywhere in the world, regardless of cell reception, and be automatically notified in case of emergency with our patented Spiderwatch™ automated watch feature.

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Spidertxt by Spidertracks

Stay connected: Reliable two-way messaging

Spidertxt provides two-way messaging to your nominated air or land-based personnel. Message aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and ground-to-ground — from anywhere in the world - even when you are outside cellular range.

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