SMS Made Simple - Webinar Registration

Is your operation ready to take safety to the next level?
Are you concerned by the pending FAA SMS mandate for Part 135 operations?
Are you unsure of where to start on the journey to a fully-implemented SMS?

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Join us on Thursday April 13th at 2:00pm (PST) to hear Aviation Safety expert, Kodey Bogart talk about how easy it actually is to build a Safety Management System and how it can benefit your operation.

Hosted by Spidertracks Operations Manager, Nick Dening, this webinar will be focussed on breaking down the barriers to implementing an effective SMS and talking through the simplest approaches to SMS implementation.

The main discussion points will be:

  • Why should all operations have an SMS?

  • What are the challenges of SMS implementation?

  • Where should you start when implementing an SMS?

  • How can technology make SMS implementation easier?