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Equip your team, equip your aircraft, and get home safely every day.

Spidertracks enables proactive safety decisions and aircraft management, so you can be safer tomorrow than you were today.

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Real-time tracking, real-time decision making.

At Spidertracks, our mission is simple – help make the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in. We support thousands around the world to get their teams home safely every day.

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Equip your team.

With unlimited user accounts (at no additional cost), provide your entire team, customers, and loved ones the visibility of flights and access to Spidertracks.

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Equip your aircraft.

Spider X gives you access to Virtual FDR, real-time aircraft tracking, actionable flight data, and reliable two-way communication for a smarter, safer journey.

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Get home safely every day.

Stay connected to your team for the entire journey right from take-off to landing, thanks to our dedicated channel on the Iridium® satellite network.

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Empower your team to make smarter, safer decisions.

Insights visual dashboard of aviation flight data

Powerful reporting dashboards give you the ability to view, set, analyse and filter specific flight data and information, uniquely tailored for your business, to enhance efficiencies with fleet management, maintenance and operations.

Spidertracks has been designed with aviators in mind – we're with you for the entire journey.

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Real-Time Tracking

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SOS & Emergency Alerts

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Full Flight

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Real-Time Weather Overlays

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Equip your aircraft with Spider Hardware.

Access, download and view flight data with wireless efficiency.

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With Spider X, your team will have the ability to:

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From a Chief Pilot's perspective, Spidertracks gives us peace of mind during normal operations. And, although we obviously hope it never comes to this, in an emergency situation this product will save lives.

Nicholas Ledington-Fischer

Pacific Helicopter Tours

I have been involved using Spidertracks for over 10 years... The technology and the user-friendly nature of the hardware speaks for itself but what continually impresses me is the high level of support from the Spidertracks team... All too often these days companies have internal systems that I’m sure work great for them but are a nightmare for their customers. Spidertracks have kept it simple.

Paul Gibson

Surf Lifesaving Queensland

I am with a company that has been using Spidertracks, and the Spider 6 for over four years. The units have worked flawlessly for these years and continue to do so. The Spider units are sleek and handle the abuse of the helicopter marketplace. With the cost of acquisition and pings, Spidertracks second to none. I would recommend this device and service to any operator.

Sean Rickards

Yellowhead Helicopters

We thought ADS-B would be the magic bullet. Still, we ran into some big issues pretty quickly during training where we didn’t see the aircraft... We preferred a satellite system to avoid losing track of aircraft, so we began looking at other options. Immediately, we liked Spidertracks for the simplicity of the user interface and how easy it is to get the information we want.

Richard Cannon

Southern Utah University

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