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Fly your customers from A to B with maximum safety and efficiency

Spidertracks provides charter operators with complete situational awareness and oversight via real-time flight watch, automated SOS, two-way messaging, and smart data insights.

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Always connected to your customers & crew.

For charter operators, keeping your team and clients safe is a top priority. Spidertracks gives you the ability to monitor your aircraft in real-time with uninterrupted satellite coverage, communicate effectively, and be automatically notified in an SOS situation. Plus, with full flight history, flight safety insights, and realistic 3D replay, you'll unlock powerful opportunities to increase safety and compliance.

The result? An informed, safer, and more efficient charter operation.

Propel your efficiency and profitability.

You can't manage what you can't measure. Virtual FDR™ equips you with powerful operational and flight safety insights to enable better decision making — ultimately increasing your efficiency and profitability.

Virtual FDR

Streamline communication.

Great communication helps drive safety and efficiency in your operation. With Spidertxt, you'll be able to communicate with your crew instantly when situations change or you need an update.


Beautifully designed hardware.

Introducing Spider X

Plug-and-play reliable hardware to seamlessly (and affordably) integrate with your aircraft and the Spidertracks cloud-based software platform — enabling real-time flight watch and text comms. Spider X also automatically captures AHRS data to enable flight safety insights, and stunning 3D flight replay with the click of a button.

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Benefits? Check.

Our Customers 💬

Tailwind Air: Staying On Top of New York City Traffic

One of the key strengths Alan sees in using Spidertracks, is the ability to overlay high resolution, real-time weather information on top of flights they are tracking. This gives his team the ability to easily interpret current weather conditions, and warn pilots of any fluctuations that may be on the horizon.


Yellowhead Helicopters Use Spidertracks to Improve Fleet Visibility

For Kate, the Spidertracks solution has meant that everyone is now on the same page. "We know what to expect of each other, where we can find the information and that it is reliable,” she says. “We really do have a grasp of the big picture."


Core Features

Virtual FDR™

Powerful flight data and insights — wirelessly and automatically.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way messaging to your nominated air or land-based personnel via Iridium satellite.

Real-Time Weather Overlays

Overlay live weather conditions while tracking your aircraft to quickly and easily interpret weather conditions.

Real-Time Flight Tracking

Monitor your entire fleet from any internet-connected device.


We operate in very remote areas with changeable weather and rough terrain - it is so nice to know where our plane is at all times, a lot of peace of mind for all - pilot included. Love the ETA feature as well-helps ground crew be prepared.

- Chris Day, Emerald Air Service

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