Virtual FDR

Supercharge your safety oversight and FOQA capabilities. Virtual FDR utilizes an adaptive sampling algorithm to provide a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track.

Powerful post-flight review

In addition to the Spider's real-time reporting capabilities, Virtual FDR™ will log a 4D vector every 15-seconds. This flight data is recorded on the Spider and transmitted in a bundled package with the next 1-minute position report. The result? An incredibly accurate representation of the aircraft’s flight path and movements.

Adaptive tracking for better insights

Changing course? We’ve got you covered. Heading changes trigger five-second reporting and a GPS transmission upon completion — providing you with a smoother track and more precise data.

No reception? No problem.

Our partnership with the industry-leading Iridium NEXT satellite network ensures that you’re always covered in real-time no matter where you are on the globe — and regardless of whether or not you have cell reception.

And that's just the beginning

At Spidertracks, we believe in customer lead innovation. This release of Virtual FDR is just the beginning of an exciting product evolution. Join the movement now and have your say.

Available on Spider 6, 7 & 8 with current fixed-price Commercial plans at no extra cost.

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