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Take your safety and efficiency to new heights. Virtual FDR provides you with powerful flight data and insights — wirelessly and automatically without complex installation.

The Revolution in Flight Data Recording.

Enabled on all Spider X devices, Virtual FDR records and transmits important flight data automatically via the cloud — your crew don't have to do a thing. In addition to the Spider's real-time tracking capability, Virtual FDR logs a high-definition flight track and accurate AHRS data. The data is delivered to the Spidertracks platform wirelessly post-flight. Our smart AI works with the data to enable stunning 3D flight replay, powerful flight safety reports, and more.


Insights provides beautifully simple flight data monitoring and reporting within visual dashboards to unlock key insights about your operations and safety events.

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3D Flight Replay

Review flights in stunning 3D with the click of a button. 3D Flight Replay unlocks unique safety, efficiency, and training opportunities -- without the cost and hassle.

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HD Flight Tracks

Virtual FDR uses an adaptive sampling algorithm to provide a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track — logging up to 12 position reports per minute.

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Powerful Reporting with Insights

Virtual FDR enables powerful flight data monitoring for your entire aviation operation within a visual dashboard — empowering you to make safer, smarter decisions.

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Accurate Tracking for Post-Flight Analysis

High-definition tracking & post-flight review

Virtual FDR uses an adaptive sampling algorithm to provide a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track. In addition to the Spider's real-time reporting capabilities, Virtual FDR logs a 4D vector every 15-seconds. This flight data is recorded on the Spider and transmitted in a bundled package with the next 1-minute position report. The result? An incredibly accurate representation of an aircraft’s flight path and movements.

Adaptive tracking for better insights

Changing course? We’ve got you covered. Heading changes trigger five-second reporting and a GPS transmission upon completion — providing you with a smoother track and more precise data.

Virtual FDR High Definition Flight Tracking on iPad

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