Helping You Fight Fire

In the aerial battle against fires, reliable data insights are essential. Introducing a fully STC'd data solution to meet your contractual requirements, enhance safety, and effectively suppress fires.

The simplest certified solution for your aerial firefighting needs.

As a firefighting team, knowing the effectiveness of your firebombing operations is a must -- to ensure safety for the community, and to meet your contractual and regulatory requirements. We've partnered with Olympic Aero Services (OAS) to provide you with a powerful end-to-end data insights solution.

OAS and Spider hardware

On Your Team: Spidertracks & OAS

We've teamed up with Olympic Aero Services to provide your operation with an advanced hardware and software package -- enabling you to effectively track and monitor your aerial firefighting aircraft.

Event Reporting for an Effective Firebombing Operation

The integration of the Spider 8 and Olympic’s ATU (Additional Telemetry Unit) provides accurate and automated real-time reporting on specific firebombing events, including tank/bucket open/closed, volume filled, and volume dropped.

Headache Free: FAA Certified

This FAA STC’d solution ensures a simple and certified method of reporting for your aerial firefighting operation. Talk to us about your contractual requirements.

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"Spidertracks gives us the ability to have real time information on the location, heading and speed of our aircraft. With the OAS integration we can now also assist authorities to track the effectiveness of our water drops."

- Gordy Cox, Redding Air Service

How it works

ATU Device

Olympic’s ATU easily integrates with your aircraft to record various firebombing events.

The Spider

The Spider 8 transmits your data via the Iridium satellite network in real-time.

Iridium Satellite

The data is received from anywhere on the planet and sent back to our servers on the ground.

Spidertracks Platform

Our powerful software platform allows you to track aircraft, communicate, and view fire event data in real-time.


Fire event data can be shared
with the AFF feed and can be accessed by any credentialed users immediately.

OAS Series 606 ATU

The OAS Series 606 ATU is a small solid state module that records Fire Attack Data and sends this data to a remote portal via the Spidertracks AFF feed.

  • Complies with US Forest Service ATU requirements
  • Removable SD Card for data backup
  • Light weight, low profile design
  • Certified to DO-160 environmental requirements
  • Durable, field tested and proven design
  • Technology that provides reliable data transfers
  • Supports airframe-mounted water tank or water bucket operations
  • Cost-effective solution

FAA STC for Sikorsky CH-54 and S-64. Pending certifications for S-61, Bell 204-412 & UH1 models. Olympic Aero Services’ certification team can support the field approval or STC processes for your specific aircraft. Complies with US Forest Service contracts AG-024B-S-15-9007 section C, and AG- 024B-S-17-9002 section C ATU requirements. This Fire Attack data is augmented with GPS data (Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed and Heading).

Dimensions: 6.33”x 5.88” x 2.35”

Weight: 0.94 lbs

Electrical: 28VDC

Operating temperature: -45 ~ +70 °C

Spider 8

Track, manage, and communicate with your aircraft anywhere on the planet. Plus, Spider 8 includes a Universal Aircraft Interface (UAI). The UAI enables the Spider to integrate with other aviation hardware including OAS’s ATU to detect and transmit detected events through the Spider and the Spidertracks platform (e.g, engine on/off, takeoff/landing, bucket open/close, and many more).

  • Real-time flight tracking anywhere on the planet
  • Spidertxt communication enabled
  • Automatic flight distress detection
  • Manual SOS alerting
  • Spidertracks’ Emergency Management Framework (EMF)
  • Spidertracks AFF/API compatible
  • Preset messages
  • Custom alert notifications
  • External antenna compatible

DO-160F Sections 15 and 21 (Magnetic Effect and Emission of Radio Frequency)
DO-160G Sections 7 & 8 (Shock and DO-160G Section 17 (Voltage Spike)
DO-160G Section 26 (Flammability) Vibration)

Dimensions: 3.7” x 4.9” x 1.1” / 95mm x 125mm x 30mm

Weight: 0.36 lb / 165g

Electrical: 10-32VDC

Operating temperature: -25 ~ + 70 °C

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