Access Mission-Critical Flight Data

Meet your contractual and regulatory requirements. Automatically record accurate data for reporting on firebombing events. Share mission-critical data with accredited users.

Real-time transmission, real-time collection.

We partner with global leaders in the Aerial Firefighting systems space, giving your team the capability to:

  • Focus on the mission, with automatic event collection and a simple interface for distraction-free flying
  • Share real-time location and event data with fire services
  • Integrate with external services using Spidertracks’ AFF feed
  • Meet contractual requirements for mission reporting
  • Enable your entire fleet to be managed by one user-friendly solution
OAS and Spider hardware

How it works

Fire Device

Records firebombing events from your aircraft.

The Spider

Records and transmits mission-critical data in real-time, automatically.

Iridium Satellite

Receives data from the devices and transmits to our servers wirelessly.

Spidertracks Software

View fire event and flight data from any internet-connected device.


Share fire event data using AFF feed with accredited users.

All of our Spidertracks fire integrations support:

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AMS: AFDAU-T1 + Spider X

The AFDAU-T1 by Airborne Mission Systems blends compact, lightweight hardware with installation, calibration and operational simplicity.

The combination of a versatile feature set and an extensive dealer network make this solution a good fit for many applications and markets.

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Additional Reporting

  • Fill Start 
  • Pump on/off

Configuration & Logging

  • User feedback via power and status LEDs
  • Easy configuration, update and logs download over USB
  • Health check sent at startup to enable remote monitoring and support


  • USFS and NAFC compliant
  • DO-160G compliant

99mm x 119.8mm x 27.4mm


14 or 28 VDC

Operating temperature: 
-25ºC to +60ºC

Trotter: DataVault + Spider X

The DataVault by Trotter Controls, Inc. embodies 20 years of experience with serving the fire community.

Equipped with a rich set of interfaces and expansion options, the DataVault is a versatile solution suited to a wide range of scenarios.

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Additional Reporting

  • Internal event buffering
  • Emergency button maps to SOS

Configuration & Logging

  • User feedback via LCD screen and status LEDs
  • Events with additional context logged in high resolution
  • PC utilities for analysing detailed mission data (offload via USB stick)
  • Pilot-selectable data formats and rates (with optional Message Interface)


  • USFS and NAFC compliant

187.3mm x 187.3mm x 63.5mm


18 - 36VDC

Operating temperature: 
-20°C to +70°C

OAS: Series 606 + Spider 8

The Series 606 ATU by Olympic Aero Service, Inc (OAS) is an FAA STC approved solution that is USFS compliant.

The OAS certification team includes FAA DERs that can assist with field approval or STC processes.

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Additional Reporting

  • Logs access via removable SD card
  • Rugged MIL-spec connectors
  • Optional physical keypad to support manual Mark, Watch and SOS events


  • USFS compliant
  • DO-160 compliant
  • FAA PMA/TSOA approved manufacturing facility
  • FAA STC for Sikorsky CH-54 , S-64, S-61, Bell 204-412 & UH1 models

160.8mm x 149.3mm x 59.7mm



Operating temperature: 
-45ºC to +70 °C

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"Spidertracks gives us the ability to have real time information on the location, heading and speed of our aircraft. With the OAS integration we can now also assist authorities to track the effectiveness of our water drops."

- Gordy Cox, Redding Air Service

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