About Spidertracks

We're a passionate team dedicated to making the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in.

Our story...

The idea for Spidertracks took root in 2005, when a high-profile New Zealander crashed his helicopter and couldn’t be found for two full weeks. Why, thought a group of creative brains interested in aviation, wasn’t there a better and more affordable way to locate downed aircraft?

Not long after, the first Spider made its way into the world. It became clear that we’d tapped into something the market needed — and since that day in early 2007, Spidertracks has grown into a globally recognised brand synonymous with quality, value, and a fierce dedication to our customers.
We have customers in over 100 countries and established a local presence in the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific, and Africa all while continuing to make our products right here in New Zealand and saving lives in the process.

Our mission has evolved from its original state — to increase the safety and operational efficiency of aviation businesses and their people — to represent the important position we’ve assumed in the industry as a pioneer of innovation and affordable safety solutions.

The Spidertracks Team

We’ve made it a priority to build a diverse team of driven, talented professionals from all backgrounds. The Spidertracks crew come from all walks of life, but we have one thing in common: each of us is passionate about solving problems for our customers.

Where are we now?

Going strong for 
13 years

Operations in over
103 countries

More than 10 million
flight hours tracked

40 employees
from all over the world

customer satisfaction

Tracking thousands of aircraft every day

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