Say Hello to Insights

Accessible flight data monitoring for your entire aviation operation within a visual dashboard — empowering you to make safer, smarter decisions.

Flight Data Made Simple

Let's face it — flight data isn’t pretty, or even easily accessible. With expensive bulky hardware, SD cards, and complex data tables and graphs, sometimes it can feel like you need a technician and a data scientist to get to any real conclusions!

Insights from Spidertracks changes the game and makes FDM and FOQA accessible to general aviation — providing beautifully simple flight data monitoring and reporting within visual dashboards to unlock key insights about your operations and safety events.

Propel Your Safety & Efficiency

Insights gives you power to know more about how your aircraft are flying, and easily interpret the data to make well informed decisions to boost safety and efficiency.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll have the insights you need for pilot training, building greater efficiencies in your operation, and enhancing safety for your pilots and crew.

Plug & Play Hardware + Wireless Data Transfer*

With the latest Spider X hardware, you'll know more than ever before about your aircraft’s actual movements in the sky. With a simple plug-and-play installation, you enable real-time tracking, two way comms, and Virtual FDR™ to power Insights, 3D Flight Replay, and more.

Best of all, the data is transferred wirelessly to the Spidertracks platform — no mucking around with SD cards or cables. It's really that simple!

*Cellular data transfer is not supported in all regions due to local infrastructure. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What information could I see?

With Insights, you can define and set specific parameters about your aircraft that you want to measure, such as excessive roll, a high rate of descent, maximum altitude, and/or a heading change. Insights comes ready-to-go with powerful reporting tools so you can analyse, measure, and interpret information such as:

Dive Deeper for Enhanced Insights

Insights also allows you to view individual flight reports — giving you a deep understanding of a single flight from beginning to end. See important information such as flight safety events, duration, distance, and more.

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