Smarter, Safer Flight Training

Flight training operators trust Spidertracks to keep their students and fleet safe with real-time flight watch, and for powerful data insights to provide enhanced education.


Make your flight training safer...

Spidertracks has a distinct vision — to make the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in. Our custom end-to-end product ensures you know where your aircraft are, how they are being flown, and have the ability to communicate with them in real time.

The result? An informed, safer, and more efficient flight training operation.

....and smarter.

Enabled by Virtual FDR™, Spidertracks provides up to 12 position points per minute - providing you with an incredibly accurate record of your aircraft's flight path and movements. Full flight history enables powerful post-flight review for training providers, and has wide-ranging benefits from compliance to safety, and beyond.

Beautifully designed hardware.

We’ve designed beautiful, reliable hardware to seamlessly integrate with your aircraft and the Spidertracks cloud-based software platform.

Flight Training Benefits:

Core Features

Real-Time Flight Tracking

With real-time flight watch, you can use the Spidertracks platform to monitor your fleet from any internet-connected device.

Two-Way Communication

Spidertxt provides two-way messaging to your nominated air or land-based personnel. Message aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and ground-to-ground — from anywhere in the world - even when you are outside cellular range.

Virtual FDR™

Virtual FDR provides a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track and an incredibly accurate representation of the aircraft’s actual flight path and movements.

Real-time Weather Overlays

Overlay live weather conditions while tracking your aircraft to quickly and easily interpret weather conditions. High-resolution radar, infrared satellite imagery and winds aloft layers available.


As part of our commitment to quality and safety, CTC has been using Spidertracks since 2010. As the aircraft are often away on long navigation exercises over rugged terrain, with trainee pilots on board, it is essential that we keep track of them and know of any potential problems. Spidertracks enables us to do this easily and efficiently.

- Ian Hector, CTC Aviation Training Ltd


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