Digital Flight Logs

Automate the capture and logging of key flight events. Reduce errors from manual recording.

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Reduce Manual Entry.

Flight Logs information

Spidertracks’ Digital Flight Logs records flight log events, counts and durations. This information is automatically uploaded to the Spidertracks platform in real-time, using Iridium's satellite constellation.

Access this data from any internet-connected device, anywhere, any time.

Accurately Record Information.

Flight log key data points

All of your key flight events are captured and shown on the map, and easily reviewed in your Flight Reports.

Automatically log and record key information, including engine on / off, blocks off / on, take-off / landing, count of engine cycles, landings, and engine time, time off blocks and time in the air.

Spidertracks' detection algorithms have been extensively tested, and already utilised over 1,000 hours of flight paths across multiple types of aircraft.

This ensures the data you collect from your aircraft is accurate, reliable, and valid, which will help you save time and reduce errors from manual logging.

How it works.

Spidertracks has brought its innovative approaches to automate Digital Flight Logs, exclusively available with Spider X hardware.

Plug-and-Play - Simple installation - just mount and connect to power. Once installed, the device will automatically detect blocks, engine and takeoff/landing log events.

Real-time availability - Events are transmitted to our cloud platform in real-time, anywhere in the world leveraging the Iridium satellite network. Logs can then be viewed in a convenient flight summaries or integrated into downstream processes.

Accuracy - Innovative and reliable detection is achieved by leveraging sensor fusion MEMS technology, combined with powerful edge processing algorithms. This has been proven with 1,000’s of hours of flight testing across a large number of fixed and rotary wing airframes.

Spider X hardware device

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