Powerful Aviation Solutions

Spidertracks provides the tools you need to build a safer and more efficient aviation operation — including Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) via Virtual FDR™, FOQA Insights, real-time tracking, two-way comms, and more.

Accessible Flight Safety & Efficiency Insights

With Virtual FDR™ (enabled on all Spider X devices), you can know more about your aviation operation than ever before. View your operations and flight safety events within a powerful visual dashboard, replay flights in stunning 3D, receive high-resolution flight tracks for review, and be notified immediately via text or email for custom flight events.

Monitor Your Aircraft in Real-Time

Spidertracks will enable you to see precisely where your aircraft are, and be quickly alerted in a worst-case scenario. You’ll know exactly where your team is at all times with up to 12-position reports per minute (including location, speed, altitude, and direction). Our partnership with the Iridium satellite network ensures your team is covered across every inch of the globe, regardless of local infrastructure, ADS-B coverage, or cellular reception.

Stay Connected

Equipping your team with effective communication channels is critical for not only safety, but for operational efficiency as well. Spidertracks enables your crew to easily communicate internally and externally with two-way comms, quickly notify others when they're in trouble, and integrate to provide data to authorised third-parties.

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