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Keep Track of Your Aircraft

Real-Time Flight Tracking

With real-time flight watch, you can use the Spidertracks platform to monitor your fleet from any internet-connected device.

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Flight Monitoring System & Distress Detection

If communication with the aircraft is lost without positive confirmation from the pilot of safe arrival, Automated Watch will automatically send an SOS message after 15 minutes of no communication.

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Real-time Weather Overlays

Overlay live weather conditions while tracking your aircraft to quickly and easily interpret weather conditions. High-resolution radar, infrared satellite imagery and winds aloft layers available.

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Virtual FDR™

Virtual FDR provides a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track and an incredibly accurate representation of the aircraft’s actual flight path and movements.

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Stay Connected

Two-Way Communication

Spidertxt provides two-way messaging to your nominated air or land-based personnel. Message aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and ground-to-ground — from anywhere in the world - even when you are outside cellular range.

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Cellular Connectivity

Get even more flight data transferred to the Spidertracks platform, post-flight, over the air. Forget about SD cards, cables, or additional software to get information off your aircraft - it happens automatically.

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Emergency Management Framework

A two tiered emergency management framework is part of the core Spidertracks system. This increases efficiency, productivity and SMS capabilities, and provides the automated workflows to administer your Emergency Response Plan.

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Flight Events Monitoring

Customised delivery of notifications by email and/or text of non-scheduled reports including heading changes, speed transitions, and rates of change in altitude. Provides insight into events at different phases of flight, including anomaly detection.

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Manual SOS Alerting

The SOS button on the keypad can be used in an emergency to send instant alert messages to your preset emergency contacts. This ensures early insight into an emergency situation on the aircraft and provides a high resolution flight path for search and rescue efforts.

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Spidertracks AFF/API

The Spidertracks system is able to push data through an API to integrate with state agencies and other service providers.

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Universal Aircraft Interface

The UAI enables operators to detect and transmit various discrete inputs and outputs through the Spider and the Spidertracks platform.

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Powerful 3D Flight Replay

Experience your post-flight review in stunning detail with Spidertracks’ new 3D Flight Replay feature. Utilising the data captured from Spider X, you can see your aircraft’s journey with incredible accuracy.

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AHRS Insights

Spider X expands on the power of Virtual FDR™ with the introduction of an attitude and heading reference system. AHRS data is transmitted over the air, allowing simple and easy access to information about the aircraft’s orientation and position.

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Historical Reports

The platform provides a full history of all flights. Historical data enables review, learning and improvement and is an excellent flight debriefing and training tool.

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VFR / IFR Sectional Overlays

Increase your operational situational awareness with VFR/IFR Charts which allow pilots and flight followers to view airspace context alongside the real-time flight track. In addition to knowing the exact location of your aircraft you can use these sectional overlays to review flight paths and possible airspace incursions.

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