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Air Zermatt Trust Spidertracks

Switzerland-based Air Zermatt has built an international reputation for their dedication to saving the lives of people who take on the Matterhorn. The company is also renowned their constant innovation, developing and refining rescue techniques and how their helicopter crews work with mountain rescuers to save lives. That commitment to both safety and innovation led Air Zermatt to select Spidertracks as their aircraft tracking technology.


From a Chief Pilot's perspective, Spidertracks gives us peace of mind during normal operations. And, although we obviously hope it never comes to this, in an emergency situation this product will save lives.

Nicholas Ledington-Fischer
Pacific Helicopter Tours, Inc.

Customer service is EXCELLENT. The app is constantly being updated... Prices are competitive. And, last but not least, the hardware and software are absolutely the best on the market.

Brad Rathbun
El Aero Services

Industry Leading Customer Satisfaction

We regularly survey customers to understand how we can be better. Our customer satisfaction scores are industry leading, and we're constantly working to push them even higher.

24/7 Support

The Spidertracks team span the globe and cover multiple time-zones, so you can be assured someone is available to help when you need it.

Customers = Friends

We're in regular contact with our customers - to get to know them, and find out how we can better serve their business needs. We also regularly profile our customers on our blog to share their adventures with the world.

Maverick Helicopters: Putting Safety First

From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the remote tropical Islands of Hawaii, Maverick Helicopters is leading the way -- not only with their VIP level of service, but also by setting a high benchmark in safety standards. Learn about Maverick's history and why they chose to partner with Spidertracks...


Gael Le Martin

A computer engineer turned conservation pilot - Gael Le Martin is a real-life dream chaser. In his short flying career, he already has a wealth of knowledge and flying experiences under his belt, and has found his absolute passion. Learn about how Gael utilises Spidertracks to help protect vunreable wildlife in the Chinko Nature Reserve...


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"The excellent flight tracking provided by the team, which allows us to know where the helicopter is at all times, especially for our off-shore flights."

Jose Alejandro Salas Escobar
IMGC Group

"GREAT Customer Service that is a person and is helpful!!  Product is really good and easy to use too."

Heidi Wilder
Lake And Pen Air

"Easy to use, love the mobile app and the ability to put in your own map layers adds an extra level of situational awareness."

Infrared Taiga Heli

"With a reasonable initial acquisition cost, easy installation , affordable and flexible service plans and a great mobile app Spidertracks makes Automated Flight Following available to the masses."

Andrew Orr
AV8-ORR Helicopter Services

"Simple aircraft  installation and good website display of aircraft position, altitude, ground  speed and direction of flight. Automatic Watch is very useful."

Andy Meranda
North Carolina Forest Service

"Canada is a big place. If anything ever happens I know I can concentrate on getting down safely and Spidertracks will take care if letting people know where I am."

Joe Abley
Quebec Foxtrot Echo Inc

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