Smarter, Safer Aerial Firefighting

Meet your contractual requirements, effectively suppress fires, and get your team home safely.

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Smarter, Safer Aerial Firefighting

Meet your contractual requirements, effectively suppress fires, and get your team home safely.

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Empower and protect your firefighting team.

We understand you want to keep your crew safe in the skies, put out fires with maximum efficiency, and ensure compliance with your local regulations.

Spidertracks puts the tools you need at your fingertips with real-time flight watch, two-way text communication, advanced data and event insights, and uninterrupted Iridium satellite connectivity, so you never have to worry about reception.

The result? An informed, safer, and more efficient aerial firefighting operation.

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Know more, stay compliant.

Spidertracks allows you to capture critical data and access it anywhere with ease and simplicity. Record, report and share information such as tank/bucket open/close, volume filled, and volume dropped. Plus, all your flight tracks are saved for later review. Spidertracks just works – your pilot’s won’t even have to think about it.

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Reliable & Powerful Hardware.

Track, manage, and communicate with your aircraft anywhere on the planet.

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Spidertracks gives us the ability to have real time information on the location, heading and speed of our aircraft.

- Gordy Cox, Director of Operations, Redding Air Service

Benefits? Check.

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More Than Filling a Hole in the Sky: The Aerial Fire Fighters of the Florida Forest Service

Florida is synonymous with impressive beaches and colourful cities, but it also has a substantial and crucial forest resource. The FFS protects 26 million acres of public and private forestland from wildfire. Unlike some other parts of the country, the FFS has complete responsibility for any wildland fires within its boundaries, with authority to go anywhere to detect, prevent and fight fires...

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Ready for the Fire Season?

High-risk environments require teamwork, clear communication, and an awareness of where your team members are located. Having the ability to share critical information is key to effectively managing the situation, as well as ensuring the safety of all those involved...

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Key Features

Two-Way Communication

Utilising the Iridium® satellite network, Spidertxt provides unlimited and secure communication to and from your aircraft’s cockpit, regardless of whether or not your aircraft are within cellular range.

Real-Time Weather Overlays

Partnering with Baron® — leaders in aviation weather intelligence, you can access real-time weather information and visuals within the Spidertracks platform.

AFF / API Integration

Integrate with other software solutions to ensure compliance with local, regional, and state obligations.

Real-Time Flight Tracking

Virtual FDR™ uses an adaptive sampling algorithm to provide a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track — logging up to 12 position reports per minute.

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