Case Studies

Learn how real-life aviators put Spidertracks to the test and unlock greater safety, efficiency and profitability in their operations.

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How Barr Air Patrol Utilises Spidertracks To Improve Performance

Read how the team at Barr Air Patrol utilise Spidertracks to obtain objective data, and use this to improve performance & safety within their operation.
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How Maverick Helicopters Proactively Use Insights To Mitigate Risks & See A ROI

Learn about how the team at Maverick Helicopters utilise Spidertracks’ feature, Insights, to proactively mitigate risks and see a ROI.
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How Sandhills Aviation use Insights to know where and how their aircraft are flying

When covering a country that spans over 9.8 million kilometers, the team at Sandhills Aviation need assurance of knowing where their aircraft are at all times.
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Training Student Pilots with FDM at Southern Utah University

Learn how student pilots at Southern Utah University benefit from flight training with FDM...
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How Maverick Helicopters use Spidertracks to track their fleet and manage noise complaints

Learn how Maverick Helicopters use Spidertracks to track their fleet and manage noise complaints...
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How 3D Replay is Training Pilots for High-Risk Flights

How does the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District use aviation technology to teach pilots what to look out for before they step into the cockpit?
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