Why Spidertracks?

In selecting a partner to provide information and insights about your aircraft, there’s plenty of options – and no shortage of assertive sales execs eager for a commission. Read on as we answer some common questions and explore why aviators choose and trust Spidertracks above the rest.

Keeping Your Team Safe in the Skies

Aviation is an exciting industry – filled with adventure and adrenaline. It’s also vital for our modern life – to help us explore the world, to keep us safe, and for our well-being and economic growth. But as we all know, it’s an extremely high-risk industry.

Getting your team home safely every day to their loved ones is always front-of-mind, and responsible operators ensure they have the best-practice tools and procedures to protect their team and assets.

That’s why Spidertracks exists. We were born out of heartbreak and frustration upon seeing a high-profile aviator disappear and take two full weeks to be found.

We are a float operation based out of Homer Alaska; we operate 2 DHC3T Otters on floats. We put Spidertracks 6 into our planes this summer and I can't tell you how happy we are with your system. It is easy for the pilot, easy for the flight followers at base and so accurate. We operate in very remote areas with changeable weather and rough terrain ... it is so nice to know where our plane is at all times, a lot of peace of mind for all - pilot included. Love the ETA feature as well - helps ground crew be prepared.

- Chris Day

We’re not dedicated to the sale. We’re driven to innovate and find the best solution for your operation to ensure safety and efficiency.

Together, let’s make the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in.

What Does Spidertracks Do? 

Your Partner in Safety

Spidertracks will enable you to see precisely where your aircraft are, and be quickly alerted in a worst-case scenario. 

You’ll know exactly where your team is at all times with up to 12-position reports per minute (including location, speed, altitude, and direction). Our partnership with the Iridium satellite network ensures your team is covered across every inch of the globe, regardless of local infrastructure, ADS-B coverage, or cellular reception. 

In the event of an emergency, a quick push of a button will alert designated contacts. If the Spider stops transmitting data for any reason, an SOS will be triggered automatically after 15 minutes. This allows you to react quickly and ensure the best outcome for your crew.

Real-Time Aircraft Tracking

Emergency SOS Features

Spidertxt Two Way Aircraft Communication

Spidertxt: Seamless Communication

Equipping your team with effective communication channels is critical for not only safety, but for operational efficiency as well. Waiting for your aircraft to be in the wrong place can be costly.

With a Spider onboard, you’ll provide your land and air teams with reliable communication via satellite text message anywhere on the planet. In an unscheduled event, change of plans, or critical safety situation, this is a vital channel to have.

Spidertxt Communication

From a Chief Pilot's perspective, Spidertracks gives us peace of mind during normal operations. And, although we obviously hope it never comes to this, in an emergency situation this product will save lives.

Nicholas Ledington-Fischer

Pacific Helicopter Tours

I have been involved using Spidertracks for over 10 years... The technology and the user-friendly nature of the hardware speaks for itself but what continually impresses me is the high level of support from the Spidertracks team... All too often these days companies have internal systems that I’m sure work great for them but are a nightmare for their customers. Spidertracks have kept it simple.

Paul Gibson

Surf Lifesaving Queensland

I am with a company that has been using Spidertracks, and the Spider 6 for over four years. The units have worked flawlessly for these years and continue to do so. The Spider units are sleek and handle the abuse of the helicopter marketplace. With the cost of acquisition and pings, Spidertracks second to none. I would recommend this device and service to any operator.

Sean Rickards

Yellowhead Helicopters

We thought ADS-B would be the magic bullet. Still, we ran into some big issues pretty quickly during training where we didn’t see the aircraft... We preferred a satellite system to avoid losing track of aircraft, so we began looking at other options. Immediately, we liked Spidertracks for the simplicity of the user interface and how easy it is to get the information we want.

Richard Cannon

Southern Utah University

Industry Leading Customer Satisfaction

We regularly survey customers to understand how we can be better. Our customer satisfaction scores are industry-leading, and we're continually working to push them even higher.

24/7 Support

Our partnership with you doesn’t end at the sale. We have a global team who are available to support your needs 24/7. We’ll keep in touch regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly, and work with you to solve any challenges.

Customers = Friends

We talk to our customers — to get to know them and find out how we can better serve their business needs. We also regularly profile our customers on our blog to share their adventures with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

In exploring your options for tracking, communication, and data insights, there are undoubtedly a few good options on the market. Here are some common questions we receive from aircraft operators.

How will Spidertracks fit my unique business requirements?

We’re dedicated to finding the best solution for your business and ensuring you get maximum value from our products and services.

Spidertracks customers range from solo operators in remote Alaska, to tour operators in Kenya -- with fleet sizes ranging from 1 to 50+. Our development team is constantly speaking with customers to understand how we can further innovate and develop our products to be even more useful. Our end-to-end solutions meet even the most unique customer needs. What you will get is a product designed specifically for the aviation industry and built to meet real customers’ requirements.

Spidertracks has been making the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in for over 13 years, and has tracked more than 10 million flight hours across more than 100 countries. We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and tailor a solution to suit.

How much does Spidertracks cost?

With Spidertracks, you’ll enjoy simple, transparent pricing plans that take the guesswork out of your monthly costs and don't catch you by surprise. Once you’ve purchased your Spider hardware, you can choose from one of our straightforward pricing plans here. We have both ‘pay as you fly’ options, or fixed plans with shared flight hours pooled across your fleet.

What is the cost to add additional users to Spidertracks?

With a Spidertracks subscription, there is no limit to the amount of users you can have on your Spidertracks account, and no additional costs per user. What does this mean for you? Predictable billing, no hidden costs, and unlimited access to the system for your designated colleagues, friends, or family.

Where is the Spidertracks team located, and can they support me effectively?

Spidertracks HQ is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and is proudly Kiwi owned and operated. We have team members spanning across the globe, including the United States, Canada, South Africa, and the UK, providing 24/7 customer service. Our customer satisfaction scores are industry leading, and we're constantly working to push them even higher.

My aircraft are equipped with ADS-B, why do I need Spidertracks?

ADS-B allows a basic level of tracking, helps with air traffic control, and generally improves the industry’s safety. However, ADS-B does have certain limitations, and Spidertracks can offer your organisation functionality over-and-above a simple tracking dot on the map.

ADS-B coverage is limited, and can be unreliable at low altitudes or in rugged terrain. Spidertracks utilises the Iridium satellite network to provide uninterrupted coverage across every inch of the planet - regardless of local infrastructure, altitude or terrain. In addition, you’ll have access to our powerful Spidertxt communication tools, full flight history, 3D Flight Replay, automated flight watch and SOS detection, live weather overlays, and so much more. You can easily manage all your flight operations in a simple to use interface, without distraction.

I'm just a small operator. How would your product benefit me?

Spidertracks adds value to your operation no matter your fleet size. Solo operators enjoy peace of mind knowing someone would be alerted should anything go wrong, as they have the ability to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family, anywhere on the planet. If you have a few aircraft, the operational efficiency gained from being able to coordinate your team, know where they are at all times, being alerted in an SOS situation, and have limitless communication is huge.

Is my data private?

Your privacy is a top priority to us. Spidertracks complies with a range of national and international privacy laws.

We’re dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure. Our website is fully encrypted (like internet banking) and we utilise best practice technology to ensure data security for our customers. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Does Spidertracks work with other systems and processes?

You can easily export flight logs from our web application, and we have an API available for use to integrate with leading third-party service providers, such as FlightAware, Olympic Aero Services’ ATU hardware, and more.

What devices does Spidertracks work on?

Spidertracks is an entirely cloud-based platform meaning you can access it through any modern web browser wherever you have an internet connection. You don’t need to install any software. You also have the option to use our mobile application for iOS and Android. Spidertracks allows you to truly manage your aircraft and operation from wherever you are.

Why are you more expensive than some competitors?

We won’t compromise on your safety, which is why we have an ‘Iridium first’ policy - ensuring uninterrupted coverage across every inch of the planet. 

Spidertracks utilises the Iridium satellite network for all mission critical data, including flight tracking and two-way communication. It’s no secret that cellular data can be cheaper, however, our experience finds it is less reliable, due to requirements of local infrastructure and range limitations. Competitors who offer hybrid satellite/cellular tracking can often experience data loss due to the aircraft device switching between networks.

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