Going Global with Flight for Hope

September 11, 2023

Raising awareness on a global scale is no mean feat - we’re seeing online platforms become oversaturated with advertising and a lot of unnecessary noise.

With that being said, what are other ways to break through that barrier?

Callum Wallace has figured out a way of doing just that. He’s undertaking a global solo journey around the world, with a more traditional approach. By combining his passion for flying with word-of-mouth conversations, Wallace will be spreading message awareness for the need of affordable housing and raising funds for Halton non-profit, Home Suite Hope.

Who is Home Suite Hope?

Home Suite Hope is a Halton based organisation that has been changing lives since 2004, by helping single mothers with children overcome homelessness. Their mission is to help marginalised single-parent families succeed by giving them the tools, support, and environment they need to build a sustainable and resilient future.

When a family is accepted into programming, they are taken through a four year program that provides housing and college tuition for the mother so that they can stabilise and work towards building a future of self-sufficiency.

The results speak for themselves.

30 single parents and 52 children have received support from the organisation so far. 86% are employed full-time, and of those, 100% are earning over the Canadian median income. Seven mothers have completed the full program, where they no longer require social assistance or rental subsidies.

What is Flight for Hope?

Flight for Hope is a ‘Round the World’ solo flight in a small single-engine aircraft that will generate a substantial financial contribution to Home Suite Hope, and extend awareness to aligned charities around the world.

Chris Elgar (Mentor and World Flight Pilot) pictured with Callum Wallace

Born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Callum Wallace will be the pilot undertaking this global journey. He's had the “aviation bug” since he was a child - in 2020, he completed his Private Pilot’s certificate with Spectrum Airways. 

The funds raised through Flight for Hope will go towards purchasing or building multi-unit dwellings, allowing Home Suite Hope to help more families succeed at one time.

Bulking the Beechcraft Bonanza

Equipped with a custom painted blue engine and ferry tank, Wallace will be taking his Bonanza to the skies and completing the circumnavigation in true style. “I’d rather be in a plane all day long,” he says, when asked about flying a helicopter, “[They] have never been on my list.” His first aircraft was a Piper Arrow, which he was able to purchase after having sold a few properties prior to starting his pilot's licence.

Bringing Backgrounds Together

Initially, Wallaces’ dreams in aviation were put on standby, as his vision is slightly impaired with colour blindness, so he tried his hand in real estate. This is where he saw an opportunity with Home Suite Hope. The organisation had a 100% success rate, but their problem is housing. He explains this in more detail.

“A buyer or a builder would buy a house to knock down and build a new one, but usually, while they were waiting for permits and plans, the existing house would sit empty for six months or more, so we would put a family in there.”

Thinking Big

The idea for this journey came from witnessing two other pilots fly around the world in a Cessna 210, and he thought, “this might be a bucket list item.” Scale was another factor of consideration for Wallace. “I don’t like to do small stuff,” he tells us, “And on a small scale, money is harder to raise.”

Beachcraft Bonanza in flight

A flight around the world is definitely on the latter end of the scale. Wallace plans to leverage local media and press and share Home Suite Hope’s mission, hoping to find support from all corners of the globe.

Wallace continues, “It’s nice that we’re raising money for something that isn’t just a ‘here, we’ll give this to you now.’ - it’s something that is going to be there for a long time and will help more and more.”

Spidertracks is proud to be supporting Wallace on his global journey, and we look forward to accompanying him on his journey. To learn more about Flight for Hope, you can visit the website here.

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