Spidertracks Customer Spotlight: Robert Hutchinson, Private Pilot in Kenya

December 11, 2018

Robert Hutchinson and his father are private pilots who operate in Kenya. They use Spidertracks to keep them safe in the country’s remote areas, to track the location of their aircraft in real-time, and to provide them with increased peace of mind in the event of an emergency. We spoke with Robert to find out what he and his dad love about our product; keep reading to find out what he said!

How did you become aware of Spidertracks, and when did you begin using us? What was involved in your decision to become a Spidertracks customer?

We became aware of Spidertracks after it was recommended to us by friends who run an aerial fertiliser application business. We started using Spidertracks around a year ago, mainly for safety. There are vast areas in Kenya that are thick forest and/or very remote, so having a system like Spidertracks in case of an emergency is invaluable for rescue purposes.

What Spidertracks features and functionalities are the most important for your organisation, and why?

The live updates of the map when the aircraft is active and being able to see the routing information has been useful for the remote monitoring of the progress of flights.

What would you say are the biggest strengths of the Spidertracks system?
The intuitive user interface and the ease with which you can navigate the program.

What key issues has Spidertracks helped with? Specific examples would be greatly appreciated!
Spidertracks has helped greatly with our confidence and peace of mind while flying.

Have we helped you fly safer and smarter? If so, how?
Spidertracks has increased the safety of our operations overall, as it’s given us the ability to check on the location and status of the aircraft and to be able to monitor the progress of the aircraft during flights, even in areas of no phone service.

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