Spidertracks Hardware

Unlock greater safety & efficiency in your aviation business with real-time GPS flight watch, two-way communication, and Virtual FDR™ — all enabled by a simple to install, cost-effective Spidertracks Spider device.

Spider 6

New: Spider X

US $1995

Spider X effortlessly integrates with your aircraft to enable Virtual FDR™, real-time flight tracking via satellite, and two way communication. Now with automated collection and wireless transfer of AHRS data, you’ll enable powerful post-flight operational and safety reporting, stunning 3D flight replay, and more.
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Dimensions: 4.0” x 5.4” x 1.0” / 102mm x 137mm x 26mm

Weight: 0.55 lb – 250g


Flight Data Monitoring

Spider X makes flight data monitoring available to all operators with a simple to install, cost effective, light-weight solution.


Spider X expands on the power of Virtual FDR™ with the introduction of an attitude and heading reference system. AHRS data is transmitted over the air, enabling powerful operational and flight safety reporting, and 3D flight replay.

Power-Down Innovation

Forget about introducing potentially dangerous lithium-ion batteries into the cockpit. A smartly implemented supercapacitor provides power upon engine off for wireless data transfer.

Spider 8

Spider 8

US $1995

Spider 8's UAI enables operators to detect and transmit various discrete inputs/outputs through the Spider and the Spidertracks platform from anywhere in the world (e.g, engine on/off, takeoff/landing, fire bucket open/close, and many more).

Dimensions: 3.7” x 4.9” x 1.1” / 95mm x 125mm x 30mm

Weight:  0.36 lb – 165g

Spidertxt Compatible

Spidertxt allows you unlimited communication, even in remote areas. Experience its power alongside the Spider 8.

External Antenna Input

Have an aircraft with a heated windshield? With the Spider 8 you can plug into an external GPS/Iridium antenna

External Keypad

With the new external keypad you can mount the Spider 8 discreetly out of the way but still have access to the Spider’s main buttons.

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