Careers @ Spidertracks

We’re a passionate team who share a compelling reason to get out of bed every morning - it’s time to save lives.

A career with purpose.

Spidertracks are investing in building an inspired team who are masters of their craft and are all working toward a common goal - to help make the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in.

Read on to learn more about what makes Spidertracks an amazing place to contribute and grow.

Investing in the future.

Spidertracks is growing, and fast. We’re investing in our Product Development and pushing the boundaries of aviation technology to help our customers be safer, more efficient, and better informed.

From Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to powerful new hardware — we’re advancing towards a new horizon of innovation and scaling up our team to help.

Employee benefits.

We're delivering on our promise to build an innovative and empowered culture. Here are some of the incredible benefits you will have in your career at Spidertracks.

Flexible working location & hours
We like to have you around, but also understand that you have life demands outside of the office.

Modern office space
Our HQ on Auckland’s Karangahape Road is in a beautiful, modern, award winning, and environmentally friendly office. It’s rusting, but we’re told that’s on purpose.

People & Culture Manager
We’re so dedicated to building an incredible place to work that we made it a full-time job.

Fun diverse team environment
Enjoy Friday drinks, regular team lunches, and weekly ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions.

Mastery of our craft
Our leadership team are passionate about your growth and professional development.

Birthday leave
Our gift to you is an additional paid days leave to celebrate the day you were born.

Unlimited caffeine & fruit
A Breville espresso machine is half the reason we’re so innovative. A range of teas are also available if you’re already wired.

High-quality equipment
No 7-year old IBM ThinkPads here. We invest in the latest tech that won’t slow you down.

Arcade machine
With 1500 games for daily 80’s nostalgia.

Living by our values.

More than just empty words on a wall, our shared values define our behaviour and help propel us forward - building incredible products that keep aviators safe and informed.


Simplicity is at the core of all things Spidertracks. Make common sense common practice and ensure that "things just work" for our customers.


We follow a cycle of continuous improvements in our pursuit for excellence, while understanding that perfection is unattainable. Let's be a little bit better tomorrow than we are today.

Open Mindedness

Open your mind to a different point of view, embrace it, be willing to be wrong.


What's it like to be on the receiving end of you or us? Take a walk in someone else's shoes.


Test yourself, stretch yourself and disrespect the status-quo.


Let’s test our assumptions, and find new and innovative ways to help our customers and each other.

Current opportunities.

Full Stack Developer (Data Team)

We are looking for a developer passionate about the data domain to join our Product Development team. You must have strong AWS, Javascript/Java skills for this role. The successful candidate will become part of our Data Insights team and will be responsible for unlocking the value of over 10 million flight hours and 3.5 billion dollars worth of aircraft that are tracked via our platform. Your contribution will be key in driving forward new product offerings and services for our customers.



Auckland, New Zealand

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