Know Where Your Aircraft Are, Anywhere on the Planet.

Stay informed and help your crew get home safely every day

Spidertracks equips your team with powerful tools to keep track of aviation assets across every inch of the planet, and quickly be notified in the event of an emergency.

Real-Time Aircraft Tracking & Flight Watch

Never Lose Sight of Your Aircraft

Ensuring your team’s safety is your top priority, and at Spidertracks, it's our our core mission. Spidertracks’ Automated Flight Following (AFF) enables you to track and monitor your aircraft’s location, speed, altitude, and precise GPS position from any internet connected device.

100% Cloud-Based Platform

We aim to make things as simple as possible for your team. Phone, tablet, or laptop: the Spidertracks platform is accessible from whatever device you have on hand. It's fully cloud-based, so no need to think about back-ups, lost data, or desktop software updates.

Iridium for Global Connectivity

Operating in remote areas? No worries. A dedicated Iridium satellite channel ensures that your aircraft are always covered in real-time no matter where they are on the globe — regardless of cellular reception or infrastructure.

Meet SpiderWatch™

Automated SOS & Distress Detection

Spidertracks' Watch Mode is your aircraft’s guardian angel and requires no work on the pilot’s behalf. Watch Mode sends a position report at 1-minute intervals. If 15 min passes with no report, your Spider sends an SOS message to your specified contacts. Precise last known location information enables effective search and rescue.

Emergency SOS Management

Smart Features for Powerful Insights

Enhanced by Virtual FDR™

Access advanced Flight Safety Insights. Virtual FDR uses an adaptive sampling algorithm to provide a deeper, richer, high-resolution flight track. In addition to the Spider's real-time reporting capabilities, Virtual FDR logs a 4D vector every 15-seconds.

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Flight Event Monitoring

Receive customised delivery of event notifications via email and/or SMS. Gain insight into events at different phases of flight and be alerted to anomalies including heading changes, speed transitions, and rates of change in altitude.

Historical Reports

Easily access a full history of all flights for review, learning, and continuous improvement.

Powerful Visual Map Layers

Effortlessly toggle VFR/IFR, terrain, satellite and map views within the flight tracking screen for advanced navigation and insights.

See Weather Beyond The Horizon

Overlay live weather conditions while tracking your aircraft to quickly and easily interpret weather conditions. High-resolution radar, infrared satellite imagery, lightning, and winds aloft layers are now available.

Measure Tool

Measure map distances right within your flight tracking screen to assist with route planning and review.

Safe, Efficient, Profitable.

Whatever role you play in your aviation operation — owner, pilot, operations manager, or maintenance manager — Spidertracks increases your safety and efficiency, and adds value to your business.

  • Eliminate uncertainty and disorganization by knowing exactly where your aircraft are at all times.
  • Feel safe knowing someone’s keeping an eye on you whenever the aircraft is in use.
  • Remotely monitor flying hours and schedule maintenance inspections accordingly.
  • Communicate with your pilots at all times, even when they’re in remote locations.
  • Oversee how your aircraft are being flown.

Peace of Mind

Provide your pilots and crew with the comfort of knowing  someone is watching out for their safety in the air at all times, and that their aircraft can be located quickly in a worst case scenario.

Streamlined Operations

View your entire fleet in one cloud-based platform, communicate in real-time, and gain useful aircraft data for a smarter, more efficient operation.

Ease of Use

Spidertracks develop simple plug-and-play hardware, complemented by powerful and intuitive software - allowing your team to focus on the task at hand.

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