Real-time tracking, real-time decision making.

With Real-Time Tracking, you will know exactly where your aircraft are at all times, and how your team are flying. Get them home safely every day with Spidertracks.

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Real-time tracking, real-time decision making.

With Real-Time Tracking, you will know exactly where your aircraft are at all times, how your team are flying, and help get them home safely every day.

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Never Lose Sight of Your Aircraft.

Flight tracking is made easy with Spidertracks. Monitor your aircraft’s flight route, and receive specific flight information such as location, speed, altitude, and precise GPS position from anywhere, any time.

Changing course? We’ve got you covered. Heading changes trigger five-second reporting and a GPS transmission upon completion — providing you with a smoother flight track and more precise data.

100% Cloud-Based.

Phone, tablet, or laptop: Spidertracks is accessible from any internet-connected device you have on hand. There’s no need to worry about back-ups, loss of data, or desktop software updates, it's all done automatically.

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Iridium for Global Connectivity.

Operating in remote areas? No worries. A dedicated Iridium® satellite channel ensures that your aircraft are always connected in real-time, no matter where they are on the globe — regardless of cellular reception or infrastructure.

Share Updates With Customers and Loved Ones.

With unlimited user accounts (at no additional cost!), you can let your team and their loved ones know where they are at all times. You also have the ability to grant different levels of access, so customers and clients can follow the progress of a journey.

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Peace of Mind

Provide your pilots and crew with the comfort of knowing someone is watching them in the air at all times, and the aircraft can be located quickly in a worst case scenario.

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Streamlined Operations

View your entire fleet in one platform, communicate in real-time, and use flight data insights for a smarter, more efficient operation.

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Ease of Use

Plug-and-play hardware, powerful and intuitive software - allowing your team to focus on the task at hand. Simple.

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We can always make sure they’re on the right route, and if something is in question, we can go back and see exactly what they were doing. It’s a good tool to help ensure the safety of our pilots, and that we keep up our safety standards.

- John Mandernach, Regional Partner, Maverick Helicopters

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