Help Your Team in an Emergency

Be informed and ensure the best possible outcome in a aircraft SOS scenario.

Be alerted when your aircraft are in trouble with manual and automated SOS triggers.

Our core mission is to help make your flight operations safer. By partnering together, we’ll provide your team with crucial, potentially life saving solutions so they can stay in the know, and respond quickly when something goes wrong to achieve the best possible outcome.

Spidertracks on iPad
Spidertracks on Android Phone for Spidertxt Communications

Help Within Arms Reach

A Spider in the cockpit gives your flight crew easy access to a prominent SOS button*. With one push, you and your team will be instantly alerted that an SOS event is occurring and your emergency management process can begin automatically.

Automated SOS Reporting with SpiderWatch™

Spidertracks’ Watch Mode is your aircraft’s guardian angel and requires no work on the pilot’s behalf. Watch Mode sends a position report at 1-minute intervals. If 15 minutes pass with no report, the Spidertracks platform will automatically start your emergency management process.

How The SOS Emergency Management Works

Two-Tiered Emergency Management Framework

Create an emergency management framework in minutes. Specifying your ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ contacts means they will be instantly alerted in the web app, and via text and/or email in an SOS situation.

Enable Effective Search and Rescue

Spidertracks provides up to 12 position reports per minute over the Iridium satellite network. If an aircraft is lost or out of contact, you can quickly log in to the Spidertracks platform on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device to get the precise last known location and provide this to the emergency response team. You can easily export tracks to provide to third parties if needed.

*Spider models 3 and above only. We recommend the Spider be mounted on the glareshield or have an external keypad for easy crew access to an SOS button.

Peace of Mind

Provide your pilots and crew with the comfort of knowing  someone is watching out for their safety in the air at all times, and that their aircraft can be located quickly in a worst case scenario.

Quick Recovery & Support

In an SOS situation, getting assistance to your team in the first hour (or ‘golden hour’) can be critical. Equip your team with the tools they need for quick, effective recovery and support.

Always Connected

Spidertracks operates wherever you do, regardless of cellular reception or local infrastructure. A dedicated Iridium satellite channel means no blackspots of loss of coverage.

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