Real-Time Aviation Weather Information

Easily see where your aircraft are and receive live visual weather data to help ensure their safety.

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Leading Aviation Weather Insights

As an aircraft operator, we understand it's essential that you have access to up-to-date weather information to help keep your people safe and your aircraft operating efficiently. That's why we've partnered with Baron, the leaders in aviation weather intelligence, to give you access to real-time weather information and visuals within the Spidertracks platform.

Simple, powerful, contextual.

Easily apply a range of weather views to your flight tracking map with a simple click or tap. See where your aircraft are flying and select from an extensive range of visual overlays including high-resolution radar, infrared satellite imagery, lightning, winds aloft, METARs, NOTAMs, TAFs, and more.

Available Overlays

  • High Resolution North America Radar
  • Australia Radar
  • Canada Radar
  • Global Radar (Satellite Derived)
  • Global Infrared Satellite
  • Global Lightning Heat Map
  • Global Winds Aloft (1'000ft, 5'000ft & 10'000ft)
  • METARs
  • NOTAMs
  • TAFs
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Keep Your Team Safe

Provide your team with essential tools and weather insights to enable well-informed decision making -- ultimately increasing their safety and efficiency.

Works Where You Do

Weather overlays are easily accessible on our desktop, tablet, and mobile apps so you can stay informed no matter where you are.

No Additional Cost

We like to keep things simple. Weather overlays with unlimited usage are a standard feature across all our pricing plans.

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