10 Reasons Why People Are

Switching To Spidertracks

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Improved Visual Oversight

Gain clearer visuals on mother nature’s movements. We incorporate Baron® weather overlays into Spidertracks, so you can plan a safer route for your flights, all from one platform.


Improved Operational Efficiency

See exactly where your aircraft are, and how far they are from a given point. ETA from Spidertracks allows operators to easily make planning and scheduling adjustments on the fly. Utilise this to maximise the time your aircraft are actually operating and making money, thereby increasing your overall operational efficiency and business profitability.


Improved Situational Awareness

Never lose sight of your aircraft - flight tracking is made easy with Spidertracks. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can monitor your aircraft’s flight route, and receive specific flight information such as location, speed, altitude, and precise GPS position from anywhere, any time.


Unlimited Users At No Additional Cost

Add as many users as you like at no additional cost with Spidertracks. Let your team and their loved ones know where they are at all times. Grant different levels of access, so customers and clients can follow the progress of a journey.


Reduced Downtime

Spidertracks automatically downloads flight information from your aircraft to your computer, and updates software - wirelessly, by utilising Iridium's satellite constellation. No additional service costs, and no additional downtime for your aircraft.


Reduced Safety Risk

Spidertracks hardware, Spider X, contains no lithium-ion batteries - it’s powered by the aircraft, and has a supercapacitor installed, which means there is zero risk of overheating.


Renowned Customer Service

We’re available all day, every day, 365 days a year - but you don’t need to wait days to hear from us. Our global support team is a phone call or email away.


Pole-to-Pole Connectivity

No dead spots, no area too remote. Spidertracks utilises the Iridium® satellite network - their constellation covers the entire surface of the globe. No matter where in the world your aircraft are located, be assured that you will know exactly where they are.


Plug and Play Installation, No Additional Service Costs

Allow your team to focus on the task at hand. Spidertracks’ hardware, Spider X, is so simple to install, you can do it yourself. Easily mount on the dash with a purpose-built bracket.


Integration and API compatibility

Spidertracks can seamlessly be used in parallel with existing systems, making its integration easy into any business. The Spidertracks Automated Flight Following (AFF) API enables users to share telemetry data with third party systems, ensuring you stay compliant with regulations.

Accessing essential flight information, data and insights about your aircraft is key to enhancing operational efficiency, business profitability and safety. There are plenty of options on the market, and many factors to consider when implementing new tools for your operation.

Spidertracks is a complete end-to-end solution, where both software and hardware solutions are designed in-house by our team.

See what our customers have to say:

From a Chief Pilot's perspective, Spidertracks gives us peace of mind during normal operations. And, although we obviously hope it never comes to this, in an emergency situation this product will save lives.

Nicholas Ledington-Fischer

Pacific Helicopter Tours

I have been involved using Spidertracks for over 10 years... The technology and the user-friendly nature of the hardware speaks for itself but what continually impresses me is the high level of support from the Spidertracks team... All too often these days companies have internal systems that I’m sure work great for them but are a nightmare for their customers. Spidertracks have kept it simple.

Paul Gibson

Surf Lifesaving Queensland

Insights gives us a detailed report so we can see exactly where and when something happens, so when a pilot does trigger [it], then we can find out what he was doing, why he was doing it, and how they prevent it from happening again.

John Mandernach

Maverick Helicopters

We thought ADS-B would be the magic bullet. Still, we ran into some big issues pretty quickly during training where we didn’t see the aircraft... We preferred a satellite system to avoid losing track of aircraft, so we began looking at other options. Immediately, we liked Spidertracks for the simplicity of the user interface and how easy it is to get the information we want.

Richard Cannon

Southern Utah University