Would You Ignore A Red Flag?

How do you ensure you and your team continue to maintain high safety standards, and get home safely every day?

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Would You Ignore A Red Flag?

How do you ensure you and your team continue to maintain high safety standards, and get home safely every day?

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Real-time tracking, real-time decision making.

Spidertracks enables proactive safety decisions and aircraft management, so you can be safer tomorrow than you were today.

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Our mission is simple – help make the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in. We support thousands of aircraft owners and operators around the world, and help improve the safety and efficiency of their operation for as little as 0.1% of their hourly running costs.

Equip your team with the right tools.

Designed specifically with aviators in mind, Spidertracks enables you and your team to build a safer, smarter operation. We're with you for the entire journey.

Dive Deeper for Enhanced Insights.

Insights gives you the ability to view individual flight reports. Gain a deeper understanding of a single flight from beginning to end. See important information such as flight duration, distance, and more. We call these Safety Events.

Equipping your pilots with the right tools will enhance training, reveal opportunities for improvement, create greater efficiencies in your operations, and ultimately, increase safety for your crew.

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You're in Control.

View information such as:

  • The number of flights in the selected time period

  • The number of Safety Events in a selected time period

  • Ranking of most common Safety Events

  • Percentage of flights with Safety Events

  • Location of Safety Events on a map

  • Trend of Safety Events by type of event

Access Flight Data With Spider X — Wirelessly.

Easily equip your aircraft with Spider X. This small, lightweight device fits that in the palm of your hand — simply plug in and play. Spider X gives you access to Virtual FDR™, real-time aircraft tracking, and reliable two-way communication for a smarter, safer journey.

You will have the ability to:

  • View an aircraft's flight history in 3D

  • Review flight data using Insights visual dashboards

  • Transmit high-definition flight tracks

  • Trigger an SOS response with the push of a button

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Spidertracks is one of our main methods of flight tracking because that is fundamental these days. Since we can’t solely rely on radio communications, Spidertracks is in a league of its own. For us, to be able to constantly monitor the progress of any flight; whether it’s getting from A to B; or whether it’s flying around the mountain, the same principles apply.

- Phillip Waterer, Tropic Air Kenya

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