5 Practical Tips on Building a Strong SMS

Nicola Tims
October 25, 2019

We recently released an eBook called Safety Management 101, in which we explored the different aspects of safety management in aviation — from Safety Management Systems (SMS) to meeting upcoming SMS mandates.

Now, we’re excited to provide our community with a follow-up, titled:

A Practical Guide to Building a Safety Management System (SMS) for Your Aviation Business.

The new eBook offers a brief recap of what we covered in 101, and expands on that information with five practical actionable tips that you can take to build a robust SMS that both strengthens your particular organisation, and how to be compliant with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations.

This eBook features expert input and advice from Oceania Aviation’s Health, Safety, and Quality Manager Armin Sadafi, and covers the following:

  • How a SMS will increase your operational efficiency
  • The four components of a comprehensive SMS
  • Five tips for building your own powerful, compliant SMS
  • The role of real-time tracking and flight communications in a SMS

Download it for free here!

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