Air Maestro and Spidertracks Merge To Revolutionize Aviation Safety, Operations, And Fleet Management

June 14, 2023

Adelaide, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Orlando, USA – Arcadea Group, a growth-oriented, long-hold investor in vertical SaaS businesses, is thrilled to announce the strategic merger of Air Maestro and Spidertracks.

Air Maestro, a leadingSaaS provider of critical safety management systems, flight operations, and training solutions, has been supporting aviation operators since 2005. Its comprehensive Operational and Safety Management System is trusted by the globe's most dynamic aviation operators.

Spidertracks empowers the aviation industry with real-time aircraft management and proactive safety decisions. Committed to enhancing aviation safety, Spidertracks assists thousands of aviators worldwide to ensure their teams return home safely everyday.

This decision marks a significant milestone in the journey of these two businesses, uniting their already complimentary efforts towards a common goal and addressing critical, unserved needs in the global aviation industry. The merger amplifies the strengths of the two businesses, creating a unified front in enhancing safety and operational efficiency in the aviation industry. The merged businesses will deliver a unified software platform that leverages the strengths of each company's offerings and expands the suite of services available to customers, while allowing for a rapidly accelerated, shared product roadmap that will deliver unparalleled value to the market.

As part of the merger, Aleks Banas, CEO of Air Maestro, will take over the CEO role of the combined business, with Steve Whitaker, Spidertracks’ CPO and COO, transitioning to COO.

Aleks remarked, “The Aviation industry is poorly served by a fragmented collection of sub-scale, legacy businesses. Most at some degree of scale are owned by short-term-oriented, financially focused private equity or venture capital firms that have no long-term vision for or staying power in this market. By combining Air Maestro and Spidertracks, we will immediately be one of the largest global players inthe space, offering the most comprehensive and capable suite of solutions tot he commercial aviation market.”

Paul Yancich, co-founder and Managing Director of Arcadea group, went on to say, “Air Maestro and Spidertracks have long been solving different elements of the same fundamental challenge within aviation: how to operate a profitable, successful flight organization without ever sacrificing quality, safety, or efficiency. This is a monumental challenge, and, until this merger, no single business could come close to serving customers’ entire needs.”

Steve Whitaker, COO, added, “We’ve heard clearly from the market that they want fewer vendors with expanded capabilities and more modern technology. Our newly formed business will be the only vendor in the world that can truly provide an end-to-end safety, operations, tracking, FDM, FOQA, and fleet management solution. And while we’re thrilled at our current combined capabilities, we will be investing materially to bring far more functionality to market in the near-term.”

Arcadea Group is excited to shepherd this new growth phase for Air Maestro and Spidertracks. The firm is confident that the resulting synergies will lead to improved products and services for customers, a safer and more efficient aviation community, and a stronger competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For more information about this strategic merger and the impact it will have on the aviation industry, please contact Aleksandra Banas (

About Arcadea Group:

Arcadea Group is aToronto-based investment firm that invests in high-quality, independent, founder-controlled software companies. Focused on businesses with ultra-long-range potential and ambitions, Arcadea Group leverages its permanent capital base to partner with the best teams and businesses for multiple decades, providing an alternative to typical Private Equity of software rollup investors who focus on short-term margins or quick flips as opposed to building enduring growth businesses for the long-term.

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