Checking out the Super SEAT’s in CO Fire Aviation’s Fleet

Nicola Tims
August 19, 2020

The duo of Chris Doyle and Kyle Scott is leading the way in Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) aerial firefighting. They currently have nine AT-802’s in their fleet (upgraded with the latest advancements in technology) and have a strong pool of pilots to call upon - all of which has helped them to create their successful business: CO Fire Aviation. 

Their fleet features several increased performance and safety upgrades not found on regular SEAT’s — sealed with the branding on all nine of the aircraft exteriors sporting ‘Super S.E.A.T.’ 

Improvements include increased horsepower and load capabilities, synthetic vision and terrain awareness instrument panels, wire strike cutters on the airframe, and Spidertracks in the cockpit.

Although many of their pilots have a military background, they have a unique training programme in place where they use an Air Tractor 504 to train and climatise them side by side. 

”In the future, I see us increasing the training on the SEAT side and sharing what we have learned with others in the industry as something that will bring the whole industry up in the long term.” - Chris Doyle

Continuing to push the industry to do better is something that both Chris and Kyle are passionate about.

“My greatest satisfaction is the strides we have made in building pilot excellence in the industry. The hiring of excellent pilots is one of the main reasons that our business continues to succeed in the long term,” says Chris.

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