Introducing weather overlays, new mobile apps, and more.

Zandri Banks
May 17, 2019

New features and updates to keep your people safe and your aircraft flying

At Spidertracks, we believe in safety driven development and customer-led innovation. We have some exciting updates in the product development pipeline, which began with our latest Virtual FDR™ release - a significant advancement in flight tracking, operational quality assurance, and aviation safety.

Following this, we are excited to launch considerable platform enhancements - weather overlays, a refreshed user interface, navigation tools, and some marked advancements for our mobile apps.

Introducing Weather Overlays

As aircraft owners and operators, you need crucial information to keep your people safe and your aircraft operating efficiently.

Now, thanks to our partnership with Baron (the leaders in aviation weather intelligence), you can access live weather information and visuals without leaving the Spidertracks platform.

Spidertracks Weather Overlays

Studies have shown that weather is an omnipresent and continuous risk to pilots, and GA pilots flying smaller aircraft at lower altitudes have higher weather-related accidents and fatality rates. Consequently, identifying hazardous weather conditions and avoiding incidents such as inadvertent IMC is imperative to improving safety.

This feature allows you to overlay live weather conditions while tracking your aircraft (to quickly and easily interpret weather conditions) and is included as a standard Spidertracks feature at no additional cost to you.

Web application updates

You want robust products which are simple to operate. In this latest release, you’ll notice the Spidertracks flying page has a crisp new look ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Furthermore, we’ve introduced:

  • Simpler navigation
  • Track view options that allow you to show or hide red track lines while enabling point grouping for a clear view.

Updated mobile apps

We are also releasing our new iOS and Android apps which will include visual improvements, weather and IFR/VFR overlays and track view options for enhanced clarity.

We are excited to start introducing these features to our users and customers.

For more information, please visit our support page or reach out to our support team. They are standing by to answer any questions or assist with the firmware upgrade required for Virtual FDR™ .

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