Product Update - November 2019

Nicola Tims
November 1, 2019

Whether you're heading into the summer months, or bracing yourself for a winter chill, we're seeing seasonal change across the globe. To help you navigate the conditions, you'll find some great new updates for Spidertracks' weather overlays now in your flight screen - giving you even more clarity and awareness of what might cross your flight path.

Global Lightning Heat Map

A new lightning heat map overlay shows the density of lightning in an area. Cooler colours (blue, cyan, green) will indicate areas with less lightning, and warmer colours (yellow, orange, red) will indicate areas with more.

This gives you a quick visual reference for severe weather tracking, and determining the flight risk.

Global Lightning Heat Map 900

North America Radar

The USA Radar weather overlay has also had an update, and is now called Radar - North America.

This is a higher quality weather layer that has an increased coverage area that includes continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the southern portion of Canada.

North America Radar 900

Public Flying Page Refresh

Finally -  we've given the 'public' flying page (for sharing) a makeover, with a design that closely follows the new Spidertracks platform ( Make sure you check it out when you next log in.

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