So — What Is Insights?

Nicola Tims
November 10, 2020

Making the inaccessible, accessible

It wasn’t much more than a decade ago when aircraft tracking was feasible only for the top tier of the industry. Innovation in the sector typically followed a traditional pathway of heavy boxes that required cumbersome installations, and the cost and complexity of these prevented mainstream adoption. 

Spidertracks came to market with fresh thinking and a delightfully simple product philosophy that removed these obstacles and revolutionised the sector. Today, aircraft tracking has industry-wide adoption — resulting in increased safety, and operational efficiencies.

And we are doing it again. We’re leveraging more than 14 years of expertise to offer aircraft owners and operators an easy entry into FDM. Our latest evolution, Insights, will break down the barriers of entry by utilising data captured on Spider X. Data then used to deliver actionable information in a simple and easy format.

So — What Is Insights?

Insights gives you the ability to not only see where your aircraft are flying — but also — and more importantly — know how they’re flying. 

Insights extends our Virtual FDR technology — which already reports a highly accurate flight path, logging every 15 seconds, and transmitted every minute via our dedicated Iridium® satellite channel. 

Simply view your whole operation at a glance and gain greater understanding, from the convenience of our new reporting dashboard.

Spidertracks Insights Dashboard

You can tailor this dashboard to suit your organisation’s requirements, and filter information by date, aircraft, and more.

Why do I need Insights?

You can define and set specific information about your fleet that you want to measure, for example: excessive roll; a high rate of descent; maximum altitude, and/or a heading change.

Dashboard Summary
We call these Safety Events — Insights transforms flight data into visual data, which makes the information about your aircraft easier to understand.
Dashboard Event Types

Having this knowledge about your aircraft will reveal opportunities where you can see areas of improvement for pilot training, create greater efficiencies in your operations, and enhance safety for your team members and crew.

What information can I see?

Insights comes with powerful reporting tools, so you can analyse, measure and interpret information such as:

  • The number of flights in the selected time period
  • The number of Safety Events in a selected time period
  • Percentage of flights with a Safety Event(s)
  • Ranking of most common Safety Events for the organisation
  • Location of Safety Events on a map
  • Trend of Safety Events by type of event
  • Insights Map

    How do I get this information from my aircraft?

    This is made possible through the latest hardware addition to our Spider family - Spider X.

    Spider X?

    Spider X

    Yep, Spider X is packed with forward-thinking technology, that makes data about your aircraft more attainable — it’s also transferred wirelessly, so you don’t need to worry about pulling out an SD card to get information off your aircraft — it’s done automatically.

    To learn more about Insights, visit our website here.

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