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Introduction to Flight Tracking

Is Full Fleet Visibility Affordable?

An introduction to satellite-based tracking, the business benefits it can deliver and how to choose which approach fits your aviation operation.

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  • How flight tracking software works, and the importance of using satellite-based services
  • The operational and business benefits to aviation operators of applying a flight tracking system
  • What tiers of flight tracking there are and what suits your company

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Imagine a world where you have full visibility over your aviation business. We're not just talking about knowing where your aircraft are now - we're talking about having access to a complete, in-depth record of where they were yesterday or months ago and of whether or not the maintenance team got a particular aircraft finished and up in the air.

As well as that, a system that lets you know within minutes if one of your aircraft goes down, providing you with a four-dimensional vector so you can locate the crash site.

In 2018, this world is no longer a luxury reserved for big operators with cash to burn. It's an affordable reality with the potential to revolutionise your business.

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