Welcome to five new members of our Spidertracks family

Nicola Tims
May 10, 2020

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been building and expanding on the capability of our team to continue working towards our mission - help make the aviation community a safer place to live and operate in.

We’ve got a few new additions to introduce!

Emanuel Herrmann

Emanuel, better known as Ema, is originally from Argentina and joined the team in March. He’s passionate about all things tech, and in his spare time, enjoys hiking, cycling, and binge watching - just don’t sit him down in front of a superhero movie (or series - he doesn’t actually like them!).

Tao Lin

Tao is big on adventures and experiencing different cultures; he’s an even bigger fishing enthusiast! Hailing from Guangzhou, China, he joins us in our head office in Auckland as part of the Data and Insights team.

If Tao had a book, it would be a sci-fi fantasy adventure, taking place on a distant land, centered around a group searching for a powerful, mysterious artefact - they would have to find it before the pirates do to save the distant world. 

Adventure time, phew!

Maxim Ellison

Maxim has been living in New Zealand for over 10 years, and, since making the move from Russia, the kiwi way of life has very much become his. He’s part of the Data and Insights team, and enjoys getting in the water to go sailing and surfing, and bring the party as a DJ playing Techno, Psytrance and Hi-Tech! 

Fun fact: if Maxim had to wear one outfit for the rest of his life, you would find him dressed head to toe in the finest rave / festival attire ever seen!

Leo Mana

Leo is also part of our Data and Insights team, and joins as a Senior DevOps/Data Engineer. In his spare time, he’s a passionate and multi-talented musician, who can play an array of instruments, from the guitar, to the keys, and drums! Leo also says that if he could swap places with a TV personality for a week, he would pick Bear Grylls.

Janine Badger

Janine currently resides in West Auckland (in New Zealand), after a stint abroad in Australia and the UK (where she’s originally from). If there were a book published about Janine, it would be about retracing and contrasting her steps, and her ancestors', from a County in the UK, to Sydney in Australia, to NZ. She became the first female pirate in Australia and in 1806 the first while female to land in NZ. True story!

Janine is part of our Product Management team, and you will see her sporting a pair of Converse high tops around the office 99% of the time (from her Converse high top collection)!

If you’re looking to join a team who continually push boundaries and reach new heights, check out our current opportunities here.

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