Aviation communication, made simple.

Spidertxt provides unlimited secure and reliable communication to and from your aircraft’s cockpit. For just US$15 per month, you can message aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and ground-to-ground — from anywhere in the world.

It’s peace of mind you can’t put a price on.

Connect all your assets using a single
communications tool. 

Spidertxt: it’s simple.

Think about how valuable it would be if you were able to quickly and reliably communicate with your aircraft at any time, wherever they are and regardless of whether or not you have reception.

Welcome to Spidertxt. By automatically determining which network (local cellular or Iridium satellite) has a stronger signal, Spidertxt sends your message through the fastest channel — meaning no black spots or loss of coverage.

Communication — anywhere, anytime.

No reception? No problem. Spidertxt works independently of local infrastructure to deliver your message, no matter what.

Reduced waste.

Change of plans? Don’t wait for your aircraft to be in the wrong place. Instead, increase efficiency by redirecting your assets on-the-go with Spidertxt.


With Spidertxt, we kept it simple. One channel for your entire company, one price per aircraft — and unlimited communication.


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1

Log in to the Spidertracks App

To use Spidertxt, all you have to do is open the Spidertracks app on your smart device. Because Spidertxt doesn’t require a connection to a Spider if you have cell reception instead, Spidertxt functions as an independent communication service that allows you to stay in constant contact with your people, even if they're not in an aircraft.

Spidertxt gives you the capability to send messages from person to person rather than from number to number, consolidating all your messages into one thread and simplifying communications like never before.

Step 2

Communicate from anywhere

Messages can be sent from and received on any platform or device running on the Spidertracks network. This functionality provides yet another layer of communication capabilities, allowing you to message from ground to ground, air to air, ground to air, or air to ground.

Spidertxt provides you with secure and reliable communication straight to and from your aircraft’s cockpit. It’s truly the most far-reaching, efficient aviation messaging tool to date.

Step 3

Enjoy being connected. Simple!

Unlimited communication on one channel, for one price: Spidertxt streamlines your communications in a way few other messaging tools do. It connects all your assets with a single service, keeping all your messages in one place and simplifying your overall operations for a smoother-running business.

Spidertxt offers three main benefits for its users: dependable communication across the globe, increased efficiency and minimised losses, and operational simplicity.

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