Track, manage, and communicate with your fleet — anywhere, anytime.

With Spidertracks’ patented Real-Time Aircraft Tracking, you can use the Spidertracks app to monitor your fleet from any internet-connected device. Know where they are, where they’ve been, and what they’re currently doing — all with the tap of a finger.

Aircraft tracking in the palm of your hand

Phone, tablet, or laptop: the Spidertracks app is easily accessible from whatever device you have on hand. And with the recent release of our Android application, the platform is available to more users than ever.

Spidertracks on Mobile

Iridium Network

With 66 satellites keeping tabs on your aircraft at all hours of the day, you never have to worry about black spots or loss of coverage.

Low Operational Costs

Collect the data you need without a prohibitive price tag. For most users, Real-Time Aircraft Tracking costs as little as $2 USD per flight hour.

24/7 Support

We know how important swift, effective help is should an issue arise or an emergency occur. That’s why our support team is available to you 24 hours a day.

Spidertracks on Mobile

Adding value to every aspect of your business

Whatever role you play in your aviation operation — owner, pilot, operations manager, maintenance manager — we’ll increase your efficiency and add value to the business. Spidertracks allows you to:

  • Eliminate uncertainty and disorganization by knowing exactly where your aircraft are at all times.
  • Feel safe knowing someone’s keeping an eye on you whenever the aircraft is in use.
  • Remotely monitor flying hours and schedule maintenance inspections accordingly.
  • Communicate with your pilots at all times, even when they’re in remote locations.
  • Oversee how your aircraft are being flown.

Peace of Mind

Never worry about where your aircraft are, what they’re doing, or how they’re being flown. Spidertracks ensures you always have the information you need.

Streamlined Operations

Being able to view all your aircraft on one screen saves you countless hours of back-and-forth and simplifies your business. 

Ease of Use

Forget about complex tracking and overly complicated systems. Real-Time Aircraft Tracking is simple and user-friendly.

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